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Taught by Holly Whitaker of Hip Sobriety.

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Hi you, I'm Holly Whitaker, the little master mind behind this thing called Hip Sobriety. In 2012 I had by all accounts achieved what society had told me I should - I lived in the big city, brunched on Sundays, had a small army of friends and my social calendar was full. I wore the right clothes, had the right apartment, maintained the right waistline, and I was at the height of my career. 

I was also desperately unhappy, lacked meaning in my life, and everything was spinning out of control - including my relationship with alcohol, pot, food, cigarettes, men, and money. 

In October 2012, I hit my bottom. I was putting away either a few bottles of wine or a few pints of Jameson most nights, binging and purging close to $1,000 of take-out food a week, and smoking as much weed and tobacco as I could get into my lungs. It became too much to keep up - I could no longer hold it together - and I decided to get help.

Only, there was no help to be had - not the kind I wanted.

I wanted a modern, affordable, beautiful, accessible, empowering, JOYFUL, self-directed recovery that reflected who I was as an individual - and that didn't exist.

So I created what I wished for - recovery as I would have it. And it worked. 

My individualized path of recovery helped me not only kick my alcohol, cigarette, pot, and food addiction - it has given me a life beyond what I could have dreamed. Since October 2012, I've completed two yoga trainings, seemingly reversed my aging process (at 38 I look better than I did at 28), traveled extensively, left my job and started my own company, started a podcast, overcome severely debilitating anxiety and depression, rehabilitated my relationships, and found meaning and happiness in my life.

Sobriety isn't just about quitting alcohol and drugs. It's about getting after your best life and having everything you ever dreamed of.

It's about living the way other people won't live so you can live the way most people can't live. 

You can live the life you are dreaming about, and it is my mission in life to help you. Hip Sobriety is the company I founded to deliver this mission.