The Mantra Project: 40 Days Of Sobriety is a 40-day email course designed to help you make subtle shifts in your thinking as you are navigating sobriety. The course is based on principles and practices used in Hip Sobriety School and is meant to hold your hand and guide you over a six-week period to make very real and simple changes in your life to support your recovery.


Each day for forty days you'll receive a daily email. Each email will include a daily mantra (intention for the day with beautiful artwork made by the lovely Tammi Salas that you can save to your phone), a short essay (by Holly Whitaker) to go with it to help you ground the lesson into your life, and some quotes to help drive home the lesson further. On occasion, you'll also receive additional action items (like a meditation, writing exercises, etc.) to create even more change. Each mantra is sequenced in a way that builds on the previous day's lesson, so by the end of the six-week period, the subtle shifts in thinking add up to a more positive, resilient and charged perspective.


Keeps you on the path.

Recovery is hard, and we often get sidetracked and thrown off the path as we move through our journey. We set out with the best intentions, but then life happens and we get completely distracted from our intentions.

Starting your day for forty days with these emails helps you not only stay on track and focused on your intention, but the words I have chosen for this series are structured so they build on one another and help you navigate the real world and use reality to support your intentions. You’ll be setting yourself up to work with the world in a way that supports your growth and development, and learn to use obstacles as learning and growth opportunities.

Rewires the brain.

A daily mantra provides you an easy way to create subtle shifts in your thinking from negative to positive. Read an email, repeat a mantra, do it for forty days, see results. Literally, it reshapes the brain by creating new neural pathways. It works, and it works well. 

Reminds you what a badass you are.

You are a really big deal, and recovery is a really big deal. And so so often, people are not saying that to you!

You're doing this huge, life-altering, earth-shattering thing, and people are like "Oh you're still doing that not drinking thing?" when people should be giving you a standing ovation on your way into the office and saying "Holy crap you're a badass!"

So since we can't have the latter thing (yet...), this is what I would call the next best thing. Every time you open one of these emails, the intention is to stand up for you, witness for you,  salute you, remind you what a big deal you are, remind you what an epic thing it is you are doing. So you feel hugged, loved, supported, and all those big beautiful things you deserve to feel.


A collaboration by Hol + Tam.

Words by Holly Whitaker.


Holly hasn't had a drink since April 2013, puffed a joint since January 2014, or stuck her fingers down her throat since December 2013. She is the founder of Hip Sobriety (where she blogs) and Hip Sobriety School, and the co-host of the HOME podcast. She is an activist, a teacher, a student.

Her dharma is to help individuals realize their full potential and purpose in the world, and she believes addiction is just an invitation to this higher calling, to wake up.

She loves pastry, yoga, meditation, saying bad words, taking pictures, writing, teaching, drinking way too much coffee, and making people uncomfortable.

Art by Tammi Salas.

Tammi hasn’t had a drink since February 3, 2015. She is a former wine bar owner, lifelong seeker + recovering perfectionist. She is an artist, student, self-proclaimed late-bloomer and co-host of The Unruffled Podcast, a weekly podcast that explores all topics relating to the intersection of creativity and recovery.

In sobriety, she re-enrolled in college and declared art as her major at age 44. She makes art everyday upon waking and credits this practice as the path to her spiritual overhaul and creative awakening.

Tammi has self-published My Daily Gratitude Practice: How I Got Started and Found My Visual Voice and has written +illustrated a gratitude list everyday since December 10, 2015.

She shares her creative and personal pursuits over on her website, as well as her struggles and successes with sobriety. You can learn more at www.tammisalas.com.